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The town of Tolmin is situated at the confluence of the wild Tolminka and the emerald Soča river. It has a preserved old town with narrow streets. Tolmin is an excellent starting point to explore scenic alpine valleys, mysterious gorges and waterfalls, magnificent mountains and rich cultural heritage.

In the very town centre you can find the Tolmin Museum. The oldest archeological findings in Tolmin are dated 10 to 7 centuries B.C. From medieval times, there is an interesting archeological location at Kozlov rob hill. The castle at the top was recorded already in the 12th century A.D. The ethnological collection at the museum displays different characteristic objects of the peasant's life in the past. The museum also has a permanent exhibition from the history of art and an art gallery which serves for occasional exhibitions of paintings and other cultural events.

We recommend you to take a stroll to the top of Kozlov rob, where you can see the ruins of the medieval castle. Another interesting path leads to Mengore, where remains of the WW1 Isonzo front are still visible. At the top there is a pilgrim church of St. Mary. This place is also connected to the peasant rising in 1713 A.D. The Isonzo front (1914-1917) affected heavily the places and the landscape of the Soča valley. Many of its signs are still visible all over the valley. We recommend you the German ossuary by Tolmin, the Austrian military cemetery in Loče, the memorial church in Javorca and the military chapel in Gabrje.

You can experience the force of the Tolminka river in the magnificent Tolminska korita gorge.

There are many activities you can enjoy in the surrounding: mountaineering, fly-fishing, white water rafting on the Soča river. There are also excellent conditions for paragliding and hang-gliding.

There are virtually countless opportunities for sightseeing and recreational activities, you are therefore kindly invited to visit us!

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